How long have you been a KISS fan for, what was the first KISS record you heard? I've been a KISS fan and KISS Army member since 1981 at the age of 13 years old. My first record I heard was ROCK AND ROLL OVER and instantly bought it.
What was the first bit of KISS merchandise you bought? The first merchandise I bought was the membership of the KISS Army, some albums, and some stickers (that never got used and still have today).
What is your favourite piece you own, and which is the most rarest? I have a couple of favourites; one is the original 1978 Mego KISS 12 inch dolls, second is the 4 x 4 foot very, very rare painting of their first album with all signatures except Paul's. I received this as a wedding present from my best man and thirdly is an original also very rare pencil drawing of all four by rule...
What would you most like to add to your collection? What I would really like to add is the KISS Pinball Machine and recently the KISS Beer, Wine, and Ice Pops. Not eaten or drank. The record player or an Ace signature Les Paul.
What do your family or partner think of your obsession? My family know that I have a problem, I have KISS everything everywhere. In my truck with seat covers and steering wheel cover. My office which is covered with collectibles and constantly hearing KISS music coming from out of the room. Most of all seeing my 100th KISS concert this past year at the PNC Arts Center in NJ. I think it is a real obsession because my house was flooded with 2 1/2 feet of water after Hurricane Sandy and lost everything except for every single KISS item I've owned from now since 1981. I might of had maybe two pair of pants and a shirt or two and a pair of shoes and nothing else but I did save what was most important to me and that was my KISS collection. By the way I'm constantly adding new items to the collection every week, I seem to run into KISS where ever I go....
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