Location: NSW, Australia
How long have you been a KISS fan for and what was the first KISS record you heard? The first KISS song I heard was Detroit Rock City! One of my friends had KISS records, at that time I was young and didn't have enough money, Luckily he purchased UNMASKED and all the releases from that record onwards and we would hang out and listen to them. I remember reading the UNMASKED cover brand new and wondering what they looked like under that makeup!
What was the first bit of KISS merch you bought? A set of 1978 Bubble cards and the Blood Marvel comic. I didn't start collecting until 2001.
What is your favourite piece you own, and which is the most rarest? My favourite changes all the time. The rarest for me is the Paul Stanley guitar pic I caught at the Gold Coast. We followed KISS over 3 states to get it..Great memories. And I wouldn't like to have to give up the Pinball.
What KISS rarity would you most like to add to your collection? I'm always adding to it and I'm kind of fussy when it comes to collecting.The KISS stage curtain would be very cool..lol.. or a sealed toy Guitar.
What does your family or partner think of your KISS obsession? My wife says ’’I like KISS, just not as much as you!’’ But she is really cool with it, and she has been to all the shows.My son loves it, he's a big fan too! I don't think the family get it, but they go along with it.

Steve also has a KISS message board
SKFS and is currently working on a web page THE KISS CAVE to keep his collection updated