Hi, I am a very Huge KISS fan ever since I was in my younger days, Now, I’m 47yrs. old and I have been collecting KISS Memorabilia for, probably, at least 20 years. I went to the KISS concert that was on Sept. 11th 2010 and my two sons (22 yrs. old & 20 yrs. old) went with me. After the show both said they wanted to go again. My basement is 1200sq.ft. and I’m running out of room! On Feb. 5th, 2010 I got my first and only tattoo!! Of course it is KISS affiliated. Well, as long as KISS keeps coming out with new items, I will continue to collect them for my KISS Collection.
P.S. I do have everything Insured !! (For fire, theft, or flood) As of today, Jan. 17th, 2011 My collection is worth….. $42,661 (United States Currency)

Warren, Michigan, USA
How long have you been a KISS fan for and what was the first KISS record you heard? I have been a fan since 1974, I was 10 years old. The first record I heard was KISS (The first album!)
What was the first bit of KISS merch you bought? Some KISS trading cards.
What is your favourite piece you own, and which is the most rarest? My favourite items are the set of Boot Snow Globes...The rarest item has to be my Luminglass 12" Lighted plate
What KISS rarity would you most like to add to your collection? Probably the first set of the Mego Dolls
What does your family or partner think of your KISS obsession? They show my collection off to friends and other family members as much as I do. They call it my KISS Museum....Also they know what to get me for my Birthday & Christmas
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