Location: Edmonton, AB Canada (With stops in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia)
How long have you been a KISS fan for and what was the first KISS record you heard? I have been a fan since I had to choose between the Bay City Rollers and KISS...1976. A cousin told me I couldn’t like both as their fan clubs were at WAR!! The most expensive decision I've ever made was based on the HOTTER THAN HELL LP!! First record I owned was THE ORIGINALS. My grandmother bought it for me from the local Co-Op store in Boyle. This was the Canadian Version..I still have it, vinyl grooves all worn out.
What was the first bit of KISS merch you bought? First KISS-related material I bought would have been a copy of 16 Magazine. Had a nice Gene pin-up which started the all popular corner to corner pin-up and poster domination of the bedroom. First “officially” released merchandise would have been posters. Still have my “CANADA TOUR” and “ALIVE!” posters.
In Canada at the time, we didn't have as much a wide spread availability of official merch as in the US. The Donruss cards were available…
What is your favourite piece you own, and which is the most rarest? Hard question as things are special for different reasons (Was it a gift?, a childhood memory etc??). But since I can’t go through it all. It would have to be the smashed guitar because of the story behind it. In 2011 when I took my boys to their first KISS show, we went backstage, met the band...it was a highlight. Fran and Paul were critical in making that so memorable. I pretty much sat back and enjoyed the conversations between Paul and my boys. After that I took the boys to meet Paul H. and Billy on the AXE TOUR BUS.
I love my posters…. Always been a tour book fan…99% Complete Collection. I also love my 600+ Magazines. What a great way to time travel. Rarest...maybe my signed blood cups from the Melbourne and Brisbane 2004 tour. I have tried to get more since, not that easy. My Australian “SINGLES” LP comes to mind as something relatively rare. I am confident I can go through each and every item. (vicinity of 3000+) and recall where and when they found their way into my Kollection..
What KISS rarity would you most like to add to your collection? To complete my tour book library, just need the original “RETURN OF KISS” Tour book. An Ace Gibson for my wall. Still need some 70’s items…but I am patient. It WAS the Pinball Machine, but in 2011 my six-year old son, Dylan told me that he asked Santa to bring me one….LO AND BEHOLD..Christmas Morning it appeared under the Tree (Well beside it anyway). I now believe in Santa again!!
What does your family or partner think of your KISS obsession? They are all very supportive (until I request more space)…and I am eternally grateful for that. Collecting KISS has been a nice constant for me during the past 35 or so years. I love the fact that I have so many friends and family across the globe that continue to think of me when they spot something KISS. Text comes through “You have this?”. At least I know I am still in their thoughts occasionally. (Fellow KISS ARMY members know what I am talking about here).
Not to mention how blessed I have been meeting so many great folks around the world through our mutual admiration….Like EVERYTHINGKISS!!!