Location: Adelaide, Australia
How long have you been a KISS fan for and what was the first KISS record you heard? I have been a fan since 1977 and my first KISS record I heard was ALIVE!. A friend of mine taped the record and gave me the tape and said “Have a listen to these guys”. Well after I heard Strutter, I was addicted.
What was the first bit of KISS merch you bought? The first thing I ever purchased was the ROCK AND ROLL OVER cassette..
What is your favourite piece you own, and which is the most rarest? The most favourite piece of merchandise has got to be the KISS pinball machine. I have two of them now. I’m also fond of my Donruss Bubble Gum cards Series 1 and 2 Mint in boxes. Love that chewing gum smell.
What KISS rarity would you most like to add to your collection? Would love to get the various stickpins, rings and neck chains that came out in the 70’s especially the 1980 stuff that came out in Australia for their tour Down Under. Also finish off my Aucoin KISS iron-on collection.
What does your family or partner think of your KISS obsession? It took a long time for mum to accept that her son had an addiction but all my friends are cool with it as well. They think its great.
Check out his son, Jordan’s KISS room here
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