The TWENTY Most-Collectible KISS items!
If you have some of these you’re lucky! If you all of these you’ve probably got a key to Bill Aucoin’s secret warehouse or are Gene Simmons...

If you find any of these lying around in your attic, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands for you :)

In no particular order...
1. Men’s Underwear 1980
Fact: Extremely rare KISS undies from 1980. They have been known to have black, red and blue edging variants
Thanks to Donna & Brett Bartlett for the info!
1980 KISS Poster Pack
2. Poster Pack 1980
Fact: Released in Australia this Poster pack contained 1 of 8 collectible stickers, 2 Woody Woodpecker candy sticks and 1 of 8 posters. ((Were these just released with Gene or one for every member? Email me))
1997 KISS Drinking Steins
3. Drinking Steins 1997
Fact: Ornate steins featuring Reunion era photos. One for each member. Very hard to find and quite collectible.
1978 KISS Disco Shirt
4. Disco Shirt
Fact: Unbelievably rare shirt that allowed you to enter Studio54 while retainingyour KISS Army membership. “Night Fever, Night Fever, Night Feeever...”
1980 KISS 3D Wall Plaques
5. 3D Wall Plaques 1980
Fact: Released in Australia for their tour. These plastic moulded plaques feature the SOLO LP artwork and signatures with Eric replacing the Peter Criss one.
Thanks to Darran Crowther for the pic!
1980 Kiss Joint Action Mobiles
6. Joint Action Mobiles 1980
Fact: Released in Australia these moveable-joint mobiles featured the artwork from the Marvel Comics. There was no Peter Criss mobile released as he had left the band at the time. Extremely rare and almost never seen in their original packaging...
Thanks to Donna & Brett Bartlett for the pic and extra info!
1978 KISS Bed Sheet
7. Bed Spread
Fact: A very cool hard-to-find release was the KISS bedspread that allowed you to KISS-up your room as a kid. Also available was the Pillow Sham, Valance set and 2 sized curtains.
Thanks to BFK3 for the pics!
8. Boots 1994
Fact: Pair of leather boots featuring the members faces. Came in cowboy, platform and lace up style. Very hard to find
1978 Kiss Playing Cards
9. Playing Cards 1978
Fact: Very hard-to-find KISS playing cards with silver logo on back.
Pic courtesy of Kissnews.net.de
1978 Kiss Radio Control Van
10. Radio Control Van
Fact: Complete in packaging it has been known to go for up to $2500!! Three versions of the toy exist.
Thanks to KissedCriss for the extra info!
2001 Kiss Kasket

11. KISS Kasket 2001
Fact: Spend eternity in this, the most outrageous, over-the-top and fantastically odd of all KISS merchandise! It could also double as a drinks chiller while you were still on this earth! Apparently long time KISS fan Dimebag Darrell of Pantera was buried in one of these.
Kiss 1978 Microphone and Toy Amp
12. Microphone and Toy Amp
Fact: This super-rare microphone and toy amp were released at the height of KISSmania. Also came in a set with the KISS guitar. See below.
Thanks to Chopareno for the
pic and info
1998 KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS etched wine
13. Psycho Circus
Etched Wine

Fact: This set wines were released as a promo for the band's Halloween set in LA,1998.
14. Pepsi "Scream Machine" Cups 1978
Fact: This Scream machine was a cup that's end could be punched out to create a loudspeaker type effect. Came in Yellow, White, Orange, Green and Blue.
Thanks to Chopareno for the pic!
1980 KISS Ice Cream
15. KISS Ice Cream Box
1980, PETERS
Fact: Released in Australia, these Ice Creams were sold in a box or seperately. Each box had a mini-biography of each member, including Eric who had just replaced Peter Criss. And the wrappers themselves were black and featured a red logo and members faces. Beware of bootlegs created from the advertisement inside the UNMASKED tourbook
1982 KISS Creatures Desk Cube
16. Desk Cube
Fact: CREATURES OF THE NIGHT promo desk block released by the record company to promote the album. Worked REAL well...
1974 HTH Press Kit
17. Hotter Than Hell
Press Kit
Fact: This press kit featured B&W pics and bio. Just as unbelievably rare as the first one!
Thanks to Chopareno for the photo!
1978 KISS Concert Set
18. Concert Set
Fact: The Toy Guitar PLUS the Microphone and toy amp from above.
Thanks to Darran Crowther for the pics and info!
NOTE: It has since come to light that the photo is a bootleg but as I don’t have the actual shot,I’ll leave it here as a tribute to a well- made fake! -Ed
1978 Kiss Wireless Microphone
19. Wireless Microphone
1978, AHI
Fact: This microphone could transmit through an AM radio. May have been a Proto-type only as there only seems to be a few in existence.
Thanks to Ken Shulek for the info and pic!
1978 Honda KISSmobile
1978, HONDA
Fact: So rare, that except for shots for this poster, I've never actually seen a photo of one. Apparently the posters were printed but the bikes never went into production. (Rumours persist that Gene gave one to Cher while they were dating). On a side note: Was this the first time Paul & Gene became the face of KISS without the other two?