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#2 Look up in the skies... It's SuperKISS!

NUMBER_18_ROK tourbook

According to KISS collector, Shawn Fox: " The story behind the original Return Of KISS tour book is that it was printed first and was to be the Official DYNASTY tour book. After a few hundred or so were pressed someone, whether Bill Aucoin or Kiss etc, decided to change the cover to the more common one we all know.
......That tour book (the one with the DYNASTY cover) was sold at the first couple shows of the DYNASTY tour and sold out faster than expected. So these original books were sent down to the Savannah show as temporary replacements until the next batch of regular DYNASTY tour books were shipped in.
......The RETURN OF KISS book was only available at the Savannah show and possible the Columbia,SC show as well.There is a photo that exists of the merch. stand from Savannah that shows the book for sale. Any other stories you hear about the book are false as the book was never reprinted and was never available anywhere else. "
What tour book were sold of this variation may have been thrown out, as the audiences became the more fickle children's market. How many of the few that were sold got thrown into bins between 1981-85?