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#9 "If anybody cares, we have a new record out... "


1982 and KISS's popularity was at an all time low. The band's make-up and gimmicky effects were seen to be a product of the 70s and best left there. Not to mention their fan base abandoning them after their two poppier albums followed by a downright strange, universally-panned concept album.
......The band that had marketed itself to kiddies now had nowhere to go but down. The CREATURES OF THE NIGHT album and tour were both flops and needed some extra love to help shift what units they could. Shame, as the album itself is looked upon as being one of the strongest non-original albums the band recorded.
......Rare promo items included a promo match book, notepaper and pen cube, a clipboard as well as some in-store promo items usually from Europe.Very collectable both due to their rarity and fans ever-growing love of the album and period.