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#11 Aussies go KISS Krazy!

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Rare Australian items
Like the ABBA craze of 1977, KISS took over the latest "fad to stop a nation" and ruled supreme. KISS were everywhere, on TV, articles in every publication (including TV Week and Women's Weekly!) and the band even stopped traffic in Sydney's main street when they triumphantly appeared on top of the Town Hall.
......Merchandisers jumped on board like crazy and there were a whole range of Aussie-only gear released made rare because of Eric Carr's appearance. Some will appear later in this list, But special mention goes to the easily-damaged, but ultra rare 3D wall plaques made out of plastic and featuring Eric's solo print (with shoulders too!), The Poster Pack sold in newsagencies featuring stickers, candy etc and some very rare KISS mirrors.
......It was all flash-in-the-pan, a year later only the real die-hards cared about the group as the advent of the 80s brought Adam Ant, Duran Duran etc to excite the Australian public.
......But it as fun while it lasted.