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#6 Lick, and eat, it up!

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Children, a previously untapped market, were ripe for the picking in Australia circa 1980.
......These Ice Creams by Peters were sold in a box or separately. Each box had a mini-biography of each member, including Eric who had just replaced Peter Criss. And the wrappers themselves were black and featured a red logo and members faces. Beware of bootlegs created from the advertisement inside the UNMASKED tourbook. The ice blocks themselves? Lemonade, Raspberry and Grape flavour in case you were wondering.
......Although the cereal wasn't specially designed for KISS, Nabisco jumped on the bandwagon by theming their boxes after the band, Featured KISS put-ons (stickers) which could be placed over the members bodies on an airbrushed headless photo on the back. The stickers featured heads from the UNMASKED and SOLO LPS artwork