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#14 Flogging a slightly unwell horse

In 1980, things were looking shaky for KISS in the US. The band just weren't as popular as two years previous, they had delivered an album far poppier than their previous years and sales were not good. Er, except in Australia, where it was one of the biggest albums of the year. Go figure.
......In attempts to boost sales of UNMASKED they tried all kind of tricks in-store like the cardboard two-piece cube which featured all the previously released LP covers on the sides (except for the SOLO LPs)
......The Aussies were not forgotten and had a few rarities of their own, such as the "Now Available" cardboard 17” circle and the plastic 24” circle used to house an LP cover that would slip in square space in middle. Getting the album sales, however, was definitely not as "easy as it seems"...