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#4 Ace plays a Les Paul, you play a... Carnival

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In 1977, Carnival toys brought out a whole range of bands toys (BeeGees, Fleetwood Mac etc) and KISS were not to be left out!
......The KISS guitar came in 2 versions (The white neck which came in flat and boxed packaging and black neck in flat packaging). Not sure if these things could actually bash out a melody but they do possess a retro charm all of their own.
......This super-rare microphone and toy amp - which allowed you to speak through the radio - were released at the height of KISSmania. Although watch out for bootlegs as the KISS logo is easy to stick on to the blank base-model amp.
......Also came in the so-rare-I've-never-seen-a-real-one (even the little pic is supposedly a bootleg) "Concert Set" set with the KISS guitar.