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#25 Watchin' You


Hands up if you hand a View-Master?
......The Special Subjects reels were the traditional 70's View-Master fare viewed through the space age hand-held red viewer and came with three reels (each featuring fourteen pics) could pop into any View-Master and get KISS in glorious 3-D a good 20 years before the PYSCHO CIRCUS tour! The shots featured live and studio shots from the DYNASTY sessions. An extremely rare version came in the fold-out packaging top left.
......The Show Beam featured 30 pictures (not photos like the other View-Master products but drawings of the band as per the box cover) which would slot into a torch light device. Allowed KISS images to be projected onto a wall, ceiling or even, as the packaging suggests, a child's stomach!
......The Double-Vue was, apparently, "Twice The Fun!" Featured two short films. The film clip for "I Was Made For Lovin' You" and concert highlights from 1978.
......I think these make the list because of the sheer retro factor of the View-Masters. Every kid had one and came in many, many different subjects (I believe I had a Masters Of The Universe one as late as the mid-80s and they still continue....)