#3 The 'real deal' DOES exist ...In miniscule numbers! | EVERYTHINGKISS | Top 25 Most KISS Collectibles

#3 The 'real deal' DOES exist ...In miniscule numbers!

NUMBER_10_microphone THIS
This microphone could transmit through an AM radio. May have been a prototype only, as there only seems to be a few in existence.
......Says collector, Ken Shulek: “I’m sure it's authentic, the Aucoin trademark is moulded onto the microphone. I just can't believe that I never saw it when I was a kid, I would have begged for that one! Actually my mom bought it for me as a Christmas gift back in 1989/90 and she actually got me a 9 volt battery to go with it! She paid $150 for the microphone at a place that used to be in Hollywood, called the Rock Store, where the owner bought tons of rock and roll memorabilia in the 70's and 80’s”.
......JH Palace adds "Only two microphones were made. The AHI toy microphone and the Carnival toy microphone. The later being used as well in the In Concert Set. The rest that you see out there claiming they are real, like those Remco ones, are fake."